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Weatherization Day Tools & Resources

Weatherization Day is October 30th. What is your state or organization doing to prepare? Weatherization Day is a great chance to send the positive message that Weatherization Works and the network is up to the challenge of providing quality weatherization services to thousands of homes and employing tens of thousands of workers.
In recognition of National Weatherization Day on October 30th, 2009 Matt Rogers, Senior Advisor to Energy Secretary Steven Chu for Recovery Act Implementation, recorded this video. In the video, he emphasizes the energy and cost benefits of improved energy efficiency - encouraging all Americans to install energy efficiency measures in their own homes - and he expresses appreciation to the nation's weatherization network for its past accomplishments and its continued commitment to serving low-income citizens. 
The following tools and resources are free to all to use. These files provide ideas, tools, and information for promoting Weatherization. We are also listing press and information for events as they occur, so please send them along. If you have any questions or events you would like to share, please contact us.

Customizable Slide Show Presentation

The Customizable Weatherization Works! Slide Show Presentation is available to all. You can download this PowerPoint to customize as well as a tutorial on how to tweak it for your needs.

WAPTAC Resources:

A Public Information Campaign (PIC) is a coordinated effort to create or raise awareness of the Weatherization Assistance Program. Read Starting a Public Information Campaign and get started on yours.
Is this your first Weatherization Day? Start with our Weatherization Day Planning Kit. This document offers a walk-through from planning to implementation of your Weatherization Day activities and includes useful "clip and post" tips to help you stay on track.
Site Demonstrations show elected officials, state and local employees, and the community just how Weatherization Works! Click here to access a number of resources for planning your own.
For Weatherization Day, Use these Tips to Promote Weatherization Day to get going on your planning.
Interested in a Governor's Proclamation? Check out Proclaiming Weatherization Day in Your State.
For a list of media outlets to reach out to with Weatherization stories, download NASCSP's Media List for possible news leads listed by state.

Templates and Samples:

Use these generic templates to develop your proclamation.
Need some samples?  Check out Press Release Examples and Documents from Around the Country
Don't forget your media release form and to use the Weatherization Works Logo!