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Weatherization Assistant 8.9

This is the latest version of the Weatherization Assistant software. Version has added two measures to NEAT: a door replacement measure (with infiltration considerations) and a cool roof measure. The modeling of the heat pump water heater measure has been improved. The Input Summary and Data Collection forms have been updated. Significant additional improvements and corrections in both NEAT and MHEA are included. See the Update History for a more detailed listing of these changes. Use of the optional Geographical Information System (GIS) to map client's residences requires an additional download and installation of two files. Click on the links below to download the latest release of Version 8.9 and associated materials for this version:
WA - The latest executable installation file for Version 8.9 released on February 10, 2012.
Installation Instructions - Instructions for downloading and installing Version 8.9
Getting Started Guideline - Guidelines that describe how to initialize a new installation of Version 8.9 of the Weatherization Assistant, create a new client, and start an energy audit for that client.