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Weatherization Installer / Technician Intermediate - Updated


Please feel free to modify and use different portions of these documents as you see fit. The Presentations and Speaker Notes are divided into several sections, with additional resources listed. If you have any questions, please contact us.
These items have been "zipped" and you will need to "unzip" them before viewing. These files are large and will take time to download. If you have trouble downloading, please email us at
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  1. Aligning Pressure and Thermal Boundaries
    Lesson Plan: Aligning Pressure and Thermal Boundaries (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Aligning Pressure and Thermal Boundaries (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Aligning Pressure and Thermal Boundaries (Word, PDF)
    Blower Door Testing
    Article: First Step in cellulose Sealing
    Article: Zone Pressure Diagnostics
    Article: User Friendly Pressure Diagnostics

  2. Air Sealing and Attic Prep
    Lesson Plan: Air Sealing and Attic Prep (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Air Sealing and Attic Prep (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Air Sealing and Attic Prep (Word, PDF)
    NFPA Combustion Clearance Tables 
    Article: Air Sealing in Occupied Homes
    Article: Air Leakage in Recessed Lights
    Video: Attic Air Sealing Transcript (3:28 min.)

  3. Spray Foam Insulation
    Lesson Plan: Spray Foam Insulation (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Spray Foam Insulation (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Spray Foam Insulation (Word, PDF)
    Handbook for Foam Products
    MSDS Two Part Foam
    Two Part Foam Product Data Sheet
    Article: Crawlspace Solutions
    Article: Air Sealing with Two Part Foam

  4. Mechanical Ventilation
    Lesson Plan: Mechanical Ventilation (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Mechanical Ventilation (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Mechanical Ventilation (Word, PDF)
    Area and Volume Calculation Worksheet
    ASHRAE 62.1 Worksheet
    ASHRAE 62.2 Check List
    Installation Instructions: Broan
    Installation Instructions: Panasonic
    LBL Climate Map
    Spot Ventilation
    Article: Ventilation Standards at Work
    Article: Ventilation Strategies in Weatherization

  5. Attic Insulation
    Lesson Plan: Attic Insulation (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Attic Insulation (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Attic Insulation (Word, PDF)
    Cocoon Insulation Coverage Chart
    Sample Insulation Certificate
    Article: Sealing Attic Hatches

  6. Dense-Pack Sidewall Insulation
    Lesson Plan: Dense-Pack Sidewall Insulation (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Dense-Pack Sidewall Insulation (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Dense-Pack Sidewall Insulation (Word, PDF)
    Dense Pack: Florida
    Installed Wall Density
    Installed Wall Density (Bag Count)
    Article: Sidewall Insulation, Air Leakage Control
    Video: Sidewall Insulation Transcript (1:36 min.)

  7. Dryer Vents
    Lesson Plan: Dryer Vents (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Dryer Vents (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Dryer Vents (Word, PDF)
    NFPA Dryer Fact Sheet
    NFPA Dryer, Washer Safety Tips
    Article: Dryer Venting

  8. Basements and Crawl Spaces
    Lesson Plan: Basements and Crawl Spaces (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Basements and Crawl Spaces (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Basements and Crawl Spaces (Word, PDF)
    Tech Update: Two Part Foam
    Article: A Conditioned Crawlspace Checklist
    Article: Crawlspace Solutions
    Article: Crawlspaces, Considering the Options
    Article: Avoiding Moisture Problems
    Video: Crawlspace Air Sealing Transcript (3:50 min.)

  9. Windows and Doors
    Lesson Plan: Windows and Doors (Word, PDF)
    Power Point: Windows and Doors (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Windows and Doors (Word, PDF)
    Right Replacement Window
    Measured Winter Performance of Storm Windows
    Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency
    Worksheet: Comparison of Heat Loss by Sample Buildings
    Worksheet: Savings to Investment Ratio

  10.  Hands on Props
    Stack Effect Prop
    Installers' Attic Prop
    Dense-Pack Sidewall Prop
    Windowpane Prop
    Water Heaters Prop
    Weatherstripping Prop
    Air Sealing Prop

    Non-Section Materials
    Acronyms (PDF, Word)
    Core Competencies (PDF, Word)
    Curricula Introduction (PDF, Word, Excel)
    Glossary (PDF, Word)
    Handouts and Resources (PDF, Word)
    Sample Course Schedule (PDF, Word)
    Table of Contents (PDF, Word)
    Non-Section Materials