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Train the Trainer


Please feel free to modify and use different portions of these documents as you see fit. The Presentations and Speaker Notes are divided into several sections, with additional resources listed. If you have any questions, please contact us.
These items have been "zipped" and you will need to "unzip" them before viewing. These files are large and will take time to download. If you have trouble downloading, please email us at
Zipped folder containing all of the modules and their resources.
Single PDF with all training materials only.


  1. Introduction to WAP
    Presentation: Introduction to Weatherization (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Introduction to Weatherization (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Introduction to Weatherization (PDF, Word)
    Virginia Program Evaluation Summary
    Lawrence Livemore National Lab Estimated Energy Usage 2006
    More than Just Patching Holes (Home Energy Magazine, March/April 2002)
    Weatherization Assistance: The Single Family Study (Home Energy Magazine, September/October 1993)
    Video:  2011 Weatherization Works Transcript (2:55 min.)

  2. Communication Skills
    Presentation: Communication Skills (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Communication Skills (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Communication Skills (PDF, Word)
    Winning Strategies for Field Workers
    Breaking Barriers: Concrete Communication Tools for Working with People in Poverty

  3. Adult Education Concepts
    Presentation: Adult Education Concepts (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Adult Education Concepts (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Adult Education Concepts (PDF, Word)
    Weatherization Fundamental's Pre-Test / Weatherization Fundamental's Pre-Test Key
    Sample Daily Quiz / Sample Daily Quiz Key
    Math Pre-test / Math Pre-Test Key
    What's your Learning Style Quiz?

  4. Training Strategies
     Presentation: Training Strategies (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Training Strategies (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Training Strategies (PDF, Word)
    Air Sealing Prop
    Dense-Pack Sidewall Prop
    Installers' Attic Prop
    Mobile Home Duct Sealing Prop
    Spray Foam Prop
    Stack Effect Prop
    Water heaters Prop
    Weatherstripping Prop
    Windowpane Prop
    Breakout Session General Guidelines
    Mobile Home Hands on Training Tips
    Sample Instructor Agenda
    Training in the Canadian Arctic (Home Energy Magazine, March / April 2003)

  5. Technology Enhanced Learning
    Presentation: Technology Enhanced Learning (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Technology Enhanced Learning (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Technology Enhanced Learning (PDF, Word)
    TECTITE: Building Airtightness Test Analysis Program
    Pressure House (Home Energy Magazine July / August 2010)

  6. Ongoing Training
    Presentation: Ongoing Training (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Ongoing Training (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Ongoing Training (PDF, Word)
    Approaches and Resources Appendix
    Training Opportunities Exercise / Training Opportunities Exercise Answer Sheet 

  7. Allowable Activities
    Presentation: Allowable Activities (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Allowable Activities (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Allowable Activities (PDF, Word)
    Appendix A
    Combustion Appliance Safety and Efficiency Testing
    Knob and Tube Memorandum (1998)
    Midwest Weatherization Best Practices (2007)
    Midwest Weatherization Best Practices Field Guide (2007)
    MSDS Two-Part Foam
    NFPA 54: National Gas Fuel Code
    OSHA Carbon Monoxide Quick Card
    OSHA Fall Protection Quick Card
    Weatherization Program Notice (WPN) 08-4: Space Heater Policy

  8. Certification and Competency Testing
    Presentation: Certification and Competency Testing (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Certification and Competency Testing (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Certification and Competency Testing (PDF, Word)
    Certification Programs Appendix 
    Home Energy Training Guide (2009)

  9. Logistics
    Presentation: Logistics (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: Logistics (PDF, Word)
    Lesson Plan: Logistics (PDF, Word)
    Guidelines for Selection and Placement of a Mobile Home for Hands-On Training
    Mobile Home Hands on Training Strategies
    Mobile Home Tool and Material Lists

  10. Training on Specific Topics
    Air Sealing and Attic Prep
    Attic Insulation
    Blower Door Basics
    Combustion Appliance Testing
    Dense-Pack Sidewall Insulation
    Duct Sealing and Insulation
    Interpreting Infrared
    Moisture Assessment
    Zone Pressure Diagnostics

    Non-Section Materials
    Acronyms (PDF, Word)
    Core Competencies (PDF, Word)
    Curricula Introduction (PDF, Word, Excel)
    Glossary (PDF, Word)
    Handouts and Resources (PDF, Word)
    Sample Course Schedule (PDF, Word)
    Table of Contents (PDF, Word)