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Health & Safety Training for Programmatic Staff




  1. WAP Health and Safety
    Presentation: WAP Health and Safety (PowerPoint, PDF)
    Speaker Notes: WAP Health and Safety (Word, PDF)
    Lesson Plan: WAP Health and Safety (Word, PDF)
    WxTV: 12 Steps to Lead Safety


This webinar is a 2-part presentation on the Health and Safety practices associated with the guidelines set forth in the WPN 11-6. An overview of WPN 11-6 is discussed along with organizations implementing a plan, budgets and limits, incidentals and associated repairs, and identifying measures and hazards. The training is provided by Ryan J. Middleton, T&TA Liaison, Weatherization Assistance Program, Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program, Department of Energy (DOE); and Kelly Cutchin, Weatherization Trainer, Simonson Management Services (SMS).
Video 1: Running time 19:57
Video 2: Running time 43:25