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Please feel free to modify and use different portions of these documents as you see fit. The Presentations and Speaker Notes are divided into several sections, with additional resources listed. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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  1. ASHRAE 62.2
    Lesson Plan: ASHRAE 62.2 (Word)
    PowerPoint: ASHRAE 62.2 (PowerPoint)
    ACI 2011 ASHRAE 62.2 Presentation
    Area and Volume Calculation Worksheet
    ASHRAE 62.2 Calculation Sheet for Weatherization
    ASHRAE 62.2 Auditor/Inspector Checklist
    Exhaust Fan Flow Meter Manual
    Fan Use Cost Worksheet
    Fan Use Cost Worksheet Instructor Key
    Impacts of Mechanical Ventilation in Wisconsin Weatherization Homes
    Installation Instructions: Broan
    Installation Instructions: Panasonic
    Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator
    Article: Ventilation Strategies in Weatherization
    Spot Ventilation
    Ventilation Prop Pictures