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Targeting Partners

When developing your communications plan and materials, you should always keep your target audience in mind. Think about how to appeal to your target audience - your future partners. Consider what needs and desires motivate your target audience. What are the audience's top priorities? Think from the audience's point of view, not your own.
  • Determine the top two to three drivers that motivate your target audience and make a clear connection to the benefits of Weatherization
  • Show them the specific benefits of partnering with Weatherization
  • Do not stun them with a flood of benefits
  • Stick to the main issues and keep your message focused
  • Bolster your message with appropriate facts and figures
This document presents a number of "big picture" priorities and suggests possible incentives to appeal to these areas. Be sure to carefully consider your target audience and the primary drivers for that audience. Remember: Your message should be succinct and compelling.

If Your Target Audience Prioritizes:

Energy, then you should highlight:
  • Energy savings - in BTUs or dollars
  • Reduction in national energy demand
  • Avoided need for new power generating and distribution capacity
  • Cost-benefit ratio (for energy-related savings)
Economics, then you should highlight:
  • Dollars saved per household
  • Jobs created in community
  • Decline in export of energy dollars and corresponding multiplier effect (every $1 retained produces $3 in multiplier benefits)
  • Cost-benefit ratio (for energy and non-energy savings)
Environment, then you should highlight:
  • Improvement in local air quality
  • Reduction of harmful air and water emissions
  • Additional emissions avoided by reducing demand for new power generating capacity
  • Carbon, lead, asbestos, and other environmental pollutants mitigated
Affordable Housing, then you should highlight:
  • Agency's experience in local housing stock
  • Increased life of housing stock
  • Measures remain in house and benefit future tenants
  • Reduction in homelessness and mobility
  • Risk of fire damage decreased
Education, then you should highlight:
  • Improved school performance when children live in warm, safe housing
  • Reduction in energy burden allows parents to spend more on food, books, clothing and other necessities
  • Reduction in mobility keeps children in same classes and promotes stable learning environment
Social Services, then you should highlight:
  • Improvement in self-sufficiency, providing a hand-up not a handout
  • Reduced reliance on public assistance programs
  • Reduced risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other health concerns
  • Improved quality of life
Senior Citizens, then you should highlight:
  • Increase in self-sufficiency and independence
  • Safer living conditions
  • Reduced demand for nursing home care

A Few Ideas for Specific Partners...

Other Government Programs
Weatherization's established, well-trained delivery network can be a valuable asset for other programs. Weatherization technicians have experience in low-income housing stock, are highly technical, and are familiar with the community they serve. Weatherization crews can deliver services for other programs while they are already in the homes and/or meeting with the clients. This can provide substantial cost-savings for other programs and streamline delivery mechanisms. A wide range of agencies and programs may benefit from this partnership. Examples of some federal agencies include the following:
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development - Many Weatherization agencies have proven success in partnering with HUD for rehab and other work
  • Department of Health and Human Services - Most agencies already interact with HHS to deliver LIHEAP
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency - Pilot programs underway to deliver risk identification and mitigation services during weatherization
  • Environmental Protection Agency - Weatherization benefits environment through reduced emissions, waste, etc.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Crews can deliver lead paint mitigation services or assist with testing protocols for other health hazards
  • Department of Defense - Crews can deliver energy-efficiency services for military family housing
  • Department of Labor - Agency can provide job training and technical skills in low-income communities
Utility companies can realize direct energy savings and cost savings through the promotion of energy efficiency. Weatherization reduces arrearages and avoids costs associated with cut-offs. Partnering with Weatherization can provide positive, community-oriented press for the utility.
Local Businesses
Weatherization crews can deliver energy-efficiency measures for small businesses and may provide operation and maintenance support for multi-family buildings. Partnering with Weatherization can provide positive, community-oriented press and improve public perception for private companies.
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