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Connecting with Constituency Groups



Constituency groups are other public programs whose goals and/or recipients are similar to Weatherization's. When developing information for constituency groups, the emphasis should be on how a mutually beneficial relationship can be established. Through these types of relationships, both parties (the group being targeted and the Weatherization agency) can successfully exchange useful information. Your Weatherization agency can initiate the establishment of a mutually beneficial working relationship that will last for years.


Use your imagination and local knowledge to ascertain which groups would be interested in Weatherization and its work. Consider national and local seniors groups, child welfare organizations, and low-income self-sufficiency promoters. Also include public assistance groups, senior aid organizations, and low-income career training. Other effective targets might include community, health and safety, economic development, or environmental groups. Send information to the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Membership Services Directors, Program Managers, Board of Directors members, and others in pertinent positions.


Write a personalized email and send a complete information package - include Weatherization brochures, success stories, promotional videos, and local and national fact sheets. Sample letters are provided as a model for your personalized letter. 


In your letter be sure to include the theme, "Weatherization Works!" Use language that highlights the effectiveness of the constituency organization and how that effectiveness can be multiplied through collaboration with Weatherization. Be sure to include a contact number.
For constituency groups, it is best to tailor the letter for each type of organization and to address the organization's interests individually. Think about the organization's mission and appeal to specific benefits. (For additional ideas, go to Targeting Partners ) When applicable include the following program information:
  • Focus on seniors, persons with disabilities, and families with children
  • Feature information on lowered emissions, health and safety repairs
  • Mention career training and job creation for the community
In all letters to constituency groups, it is appropriate to include information such as:
  • Number of families helped, number of houses served,projected energy savings
  • Types of activities performed, equipment installed
  • Effective use of funds, creative leveraging practices


Email directly to recipients and follow-up with a phone call in 10 to 14 working days. During the call, be sure to restate your interest in pursuing a relationship of information exchange and mutual benefit.