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Best Practices: Health and Safety

Grantees develop comprehensive Health and Safety Plans as part of the On-File Information section of their annual WAP grant applications / State Plans. Guidelines and procedures for developing health and safety plans are thoroughly described in WPN 11-06 HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDANCE. Below are examples of Health and Safety Plans as found throughout the network.

The 2011 health and safety plans below are to serve as quality examples, but should not be used in place of the grantee planning process for health and safety plan development. DOE has also developed a recorded training webinar and health and safety plan template to assist with developing your grantee health and safety plan, available here.

While the plans below are sufficient for the 2011 program year, they are not in full compliance with WPN 11-6 WAP Health & Safety Guidance and may vary based on state specific requirements. Per WPN 11-6a “While the components outlined in WPN 11-6 must be addressed in the 2011 Grantee Health and Safety Plans as part of the Grantee Plans (as outlined below), DOE has determined that in order to avoid undue hardship on any Grantee or to cause delays in their Application review process; Grantees may use the 2011 Program Year to implement the various applicable components of WPN 11-6.” Some Health and Safety activities are expressly restricted in 11-6 and must be incorporated for the 2011 program year.

Health and Safety Plans