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Publicize your Facebook Page

Part of the battle with Facebook—or any social media site—is driving your intended audience to your page to view and interact with your content. Facebook has developed a number of tools to help expedite this process.

Add a Facebook Widget to your email signature Facebook Icon

Many individuals, businesses, and nonprofits choose to promote their Facebook pages on their email signatures, which go out with every outgoing piece of email. By clicking on the icon, it takes the recipient directly to your Facebook page. This is a simple way to let others know you participate in social media and where they can find you.


Like Button

One of the most popular features Facebook created is the “Like Button” for use on sites outside of Facebook. This button, like the one above, allows Facebook users to share your site content with their networks on Facebook and can be placed on any page of your website. When a user clicks the Like button, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to that page. In this way, you can reach new people with your content already written on your own site.

Like Box

A “Like Box” is a widget on your website that links to your Facebook page. The widget can be as simple as a “Like us on Facebook” button so users can “Like” your Facebook page without having to navigate to Facebook or as complex as a larger widget (shown) displaying the latest news from your page.
The larger widget is ideal for organizations who do not have a blog located on their website but are engaged in social media. Instead of having a separate blog, this widget could serve to update members who 'like' your Facebook page as well as visitors to your regular website with up to date, current information. One post updates a variety of people across different websites, making social media work more effectively for your organization.

To learn how to create these widget as well as other ways to publicize your Facebook page more effectively, download the Social Media 2.0 Guide .