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2013 NASCSP Annual Training Conference | Phoenix, AZ

Listed below are the documents and presentations given by the Department of Energy (DOE), State Directors, and NASCSP staff at the 2013 Annual NASCSP Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona from September 9-13. Presentations are listed according to the day and session in which they were delivered.

Tuesday, September 10 | Wednesday, September 11 | Thursday, September 12 | Friday, September 13

Tuesday, September 10

Message from our Federal Partners
Presenters: Robert C. Adams, Program Manager WAP, OWIP, U.S. DOE

Weatherization Committee Meeting
All the WAP news you need including legislative and programmatic updates covering 2014 funding, congressional strategy, advocacy efforts, initiatives, and projects.

Wednesday, September 11

General Session - Affordable Care Act Opportunities
Discover the national and local opportunities for the WAP and CSBG networks with the Affordable Care Act. We will spotlight how the network can access new funding, leverage federal dollars, diversify partnerships, and pilot new collaborations - i.e. linking weatherization and healthy homes.
Facilitator: Jenae Bjelland, Director, Heathy Homes, NASCSP; Michael Frary, Manager Building Science and Efficiency, AZ Governor’s Office of Energy Policy
Presenters: Charlene Flaherty, Associate Director, Corporation for Supportive Housing; Marisue Garganta, Director of Community Health Integration, Dignity Health, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center; George Sheldon, Acting Assistant Secretary, ACF, U.S. DHHS; Carrie Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Foundation for Senior Living

WAP: Quality Management Plan - State Implementation
WAP Grantees have new responsibilities and challenges in carrying out the DOE Quality Management Plan, including developing and implementing core competency requirements for both Grantee and Subgrantee management staff. State Managers will share their experiences and the outcomes of their efforts to implement the Quality Management Plan.
Facilitator: Marilou Cheple, Weatherization Program Manager, MN Department of Commerce
Presenters: Harold Davis, III, Deputy Section Chief, NC Weatherization Assistance Program; Barbara Klug-Sieja, Director, Home Energy Plus and Hoyt O’Brien, Quality Assurance Manager, WI Division of Energy Services; Katrina Metzler, Section Supervisor, Weatherization Team, OH Development Services Agency

WAP: Regional Roundtables
This session is follow-up to the DOE WAP Program Review in Denver at the end of July, featuring facilitated discussions in the form of a State peer exchange on participant-identified critical issues from that meeting.
Facilitator: Bob Scott, Director, Energy Services, NASCSP

Thursday, September 12

WAP: Quality Work Plan Implementation - Incorporating SWS into State Field Standards
The DOE Quality Work Plan stipulates that all WAP field work meet the minimum outcomes and specifications of the Standard Work Specifications (SWS), requiring Grantees to update/revise their Field Standards and Field Guides to meet or exceed the SWS. State Managers will share their initial plans, challenges, and outcomes.
Facilitator: Gwen Howe, WAP Bureau Chief, IA Division of Community Action Agencies
Presenters: Gina Bell, Program Manager, NM Mortgage Finance Authority; Bruce Hagen, Program Manager, WAP, ND Department of Commerce; Ray Judy, Community Programs Manager, IN Housing and Community Development Authority; Steve Nail, Technical Team Leader, IN Community Action Association

WAP: Quality Work Plan Implementation - Training, Monitoring, and Certifications
The Quality Work Plan will necessitate that WAP Grantees carefully plan and implement major program changes to their training and monitoring procedures. In addition, the requirement to have 100% of completed units inspected by certified Quality Control Inspectors is an immediate and challenging high priority. Hear how WAP managers are addressing these new requirements, with tips and best practices for their colleagues.
Facilitator: Michael DeYoung, Division Director, TX Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Presenters: Eric Boyd, State Field Monitor, MN Department of Commerce - Division of Energy Resources; Marjorie Carrasco, Program Production/QA Manager, CO Energy Office; Mark Jackson, Vice President, Community Housing Partners, Energy Solutions, Research and Training; Michelle Nochisaki, Program Design Coordinator, Building Performance Institute

WAP: Federal Perspective 1
An overview of DOE changes and updates to WAP, including review and follow-up of the DOE WAP Program Review, the outlook and funding for PY 2014, the status of T&TA initiatives, and the national evaluation.
Facilitator: Bob Scott, Director, Energy Services, NASCSP
Presenters: Robert C. Adams, Program Manager, WAP, Michael Peterson, Project Officer, U.S. DOE and Jennifer Somers, Team Lead, T&TA/Senior Policy Advisor, OWIP, U.S. DOE

WAP: Federal Perspective 2
A facilitated discussion with DOE staff on policy changes and recommendations, future funding, and other issues as identified by participants in the Weatherization Committee Meeting and Regional Roundtable discussions.
Facilitator: Bob Scott, Director, Energy Services, NASCSP
Presenters: Robert C. Adams, Program Manager, WAP, Michael Peterson, Project Officer, U.S. DOE and Jennifer Somers, Team Lead, T&TA/Senior Policy Advisor, OWIP, U.S. DOE

Friday, September 13

General Session: Preparedness Training: OMB Reforms

Change is hard. We know that. That’s why we spent hours pouring over the proposed OMB changes so that you won’t have to. We’ve deciphered the proposals and assessed the implications for States and local nonprofit grantees. This session will provide a high level overview of some of the upcoming reforms.
Facilitator: Jennifer Sexson , Program Manager, CSBG, KS Housing Resources Corporation
Presenter: Kevin C. Myren, CPA

General Session: How to Join the #SocialMedia Conversation
Do you tweet? Use Facebook? Blog? Whether these are your go-to communication tools or a source of fear and trepidation, this session will provide the low-down on all things social media. Users from across the network share the why’s and how’s of new media tools as they relate to CSBG and WAP. Learn to get the most out of online communication with tips and practical suggestions to help you connect and reach more people.
Facilitator: Harold Davis, III, Deputy Section Chief, NC WAP Assistance Program
Presenters: Jim Gunshinan, Editor, Home Energy Magazine; Gretchen Knowlton, Communications and Policy Director, NASCSP; Cynthia Zwick, Executive Director and Luke Black, AZ Community Action Association