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Meet Our Experts

Joel EisenbergJoel Eisenberg is a Senior Analyst for Public Policy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Manager of ORNL’s support project for DOE’s Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program. In that capacity Joel supervises the Laboratory’s work for the Weatherization Assistance and State Energy Programs. This includes research to perform national and state-level evaluations of Weatherization, develop the National Energy Audit Tool, and support states in their efforts to leverage non-federal Weatherization resources. Joel has been the Weatherization Program’s resident expert on the impact of changing energy markets on low-income consumers and has been responsible for estimating the impact of changing energy prices on their residential energy bills.
Rick KargRick Karg was trained as an economist, was a building contractor for 10 years, and is now the president of RJ Karg Associates. He has been working with low-income Weatherization and home performance programs and electrical and gas utilities for over 25 years as an educator and consultant. He is a member of the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 62.2 committee, is a member of the Maine Technical Building Codes and Standards Advisory Board and is an editorial advisor for Home Energy Magazine. He is also the author of ZipTest Pro building analysis software.
Lisa KeseckerLisa Kesecker has worked with local and state weatherization programs for 30 years, and most recently was the Weatherization Program Leveraging Specialist for the West Virginia Governors Office of Economic Opportunity. Now through her work with Energy Design & Services, Lisa continues to assist with national weatherization training, leveraging and public information initiatives for the weatherization assistance program network.
Tony GillTony Gill has nearly thirty years experience in all phases of DOE Weatherization. He started as an installer in 1981, progressing to Crew Chief and then Auditor before moving to the State Program as a Monitor in 1985. At the State level, he advanced to Senior Technical Program Officer, a position he held until 2005 when he became the State Energy and Training Specialist. As such, he developed and repeatedly delivered Maine’s unique two week classroom/field Auditor 1 course as well as numerous other technical trainings. Upon “retirement” from the Maine State Housing Authority in May of 2009, he accepted a position with Simonson Management Services (SMS) in Potomac, Maryland, providing technical support to DOE Headquarters’ Weatherization Assistance Program. At SMS he has contributed to the Weatherization Assistance Program Standardized Curricula and participated in numerous State visits providing technical assistance to DOE Weatherization Project Officers across the country.
Cal SteinerCal Steiner is currently the Weatherization Program Manager for the State of North Dakota. He has 31 years of experience in the Weatherization Program as a crew worker, estimator/auditor, coordinator and trainer, monitor and manager. Cal was involved in the SERI Mobile Home Comfort Project and Rolling Homes Training Show. He trains on mobile home Weatherization, crew motivation, Lead Safe Weatherization, and crew development. He was also involved in the Best Practices Project in North Dakota.
Mike VogelDr. Mike Vogel is a Professor with Montana State University Extension Service and since 1991 has directed the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Montana Weatherization Training Center located in Bozeman, Montana. Vogel served as National Director of the USDA-EPA program, “Healthy Indoor Air for America’s Homes” from 1995-2009 and is the Executive Director of the Housing Education and Research Association. He has developed the DOE benchmark “Lead-Safe Weatherization” training curriculum and a certification course for DOE, and, in 2002, conducted a “Weatherization Lead-Exposure” research study. Vogel, is an accredited training provider for the EPA Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule.
Michael Gettings is a staff engineer in the Energy and Transportation Science Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, responsible for the development, deployment, and support of the Weatherization Assistant national residential computerized software, including the National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT) and the Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA), for the Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program. He is the primary programmer for the computational portion of the software. He has also provided technical support to the Weatherization Program by evaluating weatherization measures for warm climates. Prior experience includes evaluation of energy management and control systems (EMCS) installed on U.S. Army bases in Germany and building energy analyses of residential buildings for a major building components manufacturer.
Bob ScottBob Scott is the Director of Weatherization Services for the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP). As Director, he oversees and manages the Weatherization Assistance Program Technical Assistance Center (WAPTAC), a DOE sponsored resource center for the Weatherization network. He also provides Weatherization related services to NASCSP members and other energy professionals. Prior to joining NASCSP, Bob worked in different capacities in the program for over 25 years, including the Weatherization Director for the State of West Virginia for 15 years. He has participated on several regional and national WAP committees and has conducted numerous workshops on a wide array of topics at the State, regional, and national levels.

Glen Salas is a Senior Engineer with Simonson Management Services who provides project support for DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program. For over 35 years he has helped public and private clients, mostly with energy efficiency and other sustainability issues, by applying innovative designs and technical solutions to projects of all sizes. He has developed several training programs and led many training sessions and seminars, and has authored or co-authored numerous articles on sustainable building practices for consumer and trade publications. Glen received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and is a registered Professional Engineer who has consulted in almost every US state and territory.
Susan White is a Senior Partner at ACKCO, Inc. Indian Professional Services in Arizona. She has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of financial management, procurement, comprehensive planning, resource development, and economic development. Susan has provided training and technical assistance on a state, regional, and national level. She has worked with over 500 Tribes and American Indian organizations, 1,000 nonprofit organizations, and all 50 states.